Yesterday was a great day. It was take your kid to work day. Both kids went with Kyle. We all went for lunch. It was fun.

Last night was diner francais- so fun! The pad thai at Ratatouille is delicious by the way. They add seaweed to it which I love and their sauce for it is very different- not as sweet as usual . Delicious! We had a great time chatting in French. A new woman joined us who is Estonian. She speaks English, Polish, Estonian, Swedish, French and German, maybe more. Europeans are amazing. My friend Anahid is the same way. She is Bulgarian- speaks Bulgarian, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Armenian. Amazing!

Today is volunteering for me. Looks like another yucky rainy day outside:( This spring is worse than usual- more rainy and colder. Everyone is grumbling.


Abigail and I had our first girl night out tonight. We have done an outing just us two before- but that was just a quick haircut and treat trip. This time we went to VRC for ice cream, the play area, to see the Easter bunny, then we went to get her owl panties. I promised her these an award for doing so well making no potty accidents months ago. So we finally got them- Gymboree didn’t have owl panties so we got fairy panties instead. We also got her a swim suit and something for Andrew. I love Gymboree! I could spend a fortune there. Then I fit in some of my own personal shopping- Abigail indulged me. I took her to VS for the first time. She loved all the colors, shiny stuff and the perfume etc. Thank you Amber for telling me about their coupons. Very cool.

We had a great time. The boys went to a baseball game and had a wonderful time. Andrew was so fired up about it. Thank you Brian for tickets!

I got the sweetest picture of Andrew sleeping in our bed today. (I will post later) He woke up from his nap and then fell asleep again next to me in my bed. We shared a pillow and had a snuggle. It was really sweet. I know the days are numbered that he’ll do that. It’s pretty special having a sweet little one year old sleep alongside you. He’s my special little guy.



Kyle and I overheard Andrew today singing “waa, waa, waah all day long” in the back seat of the car. He was singing the wheels on the bus all by himself:) He is talking up a storm. Today he said “I don’t want to go” when I asked him something!


The latest

Here is Andrew with his friend Miles this week, his first time having a friend over (when it wasn’t also a playdate for Abigail). They are checking out a little stream in the neighborhood:


Andrew was so well behaved the whole time, so happy. They played basketball together. He said “Andrew’s turn”, “Miles’ turn”. They took turns making baskets.

Here is a picture of our visit with Kyle’s parents:


We went to a family clay night at the community center. It was a lot of fun:





Andrew’s first ice cream cone all to himself I think. He loved it! He wouldn’t share it one bit:


Dress up:


Abby with her special flower from Grammie:


Abigail in her new Easter dress from Grammie:


Family fun on Sunday night:


Abigail and Daddy planting:


We are happy to see some signs of spring. Andrew and I had a nice, dry hike today while Abigail went to a softball game with Kyle.   

Quote of the Day

me to Andrew: “Daddy loves you”

Andrew : “Dadda love me”

He is talking so well! I am blown away by what he says.


Abigail while eating dinner: “You made a good dinner Mommy. I like it. Thank you for dinner.”

fyi i made calzones. I love how complimentary she has become. It’s so nice to have her appreciate my hard work around here.