Florida trip


Abby fell asleep on drive to Jacksonville

Their first time getting room service!

The resort in Jacksonville!

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Quote of the day

Abby: “mom can I do my homework?”

One day I will long for her to ask that:)

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Here is what we did at Disney:

Nemo ride
Lion King
Living with the land
World showcase

Andrew’s fav- living with the land, turtle talk, Elsa and Ana
My fav- world showcase and soaring
Abby’s fav- meeting Elsa and Ana
Kyle’s fav-turtle talk

Magic Kingdom
Barnstormer- jr roller coaster – Andrew and I were in front row- he laughed the entire time! It was the kids ‘ first roller coaster
Swiss family treehouse
Magic carpets of Aladdin
Mickeys philharmagic – 3d movie- it was kids’ first time seeing a 3d movie!
Winnie ride
Tiki room
Country bear jamboree
Little mermaid ride
Peter Pan flight
LAst ride- small world

My fav- fireworks
Kyle- 3d movie
Abby and Andrew’s fav-3d movie, tiki room, country bear jamboree
Andrew’s fav-meeting Mickey

They can’t wait to go to a 3d movie again

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Doing puzzles while waiting for rental car in Orlando

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Ready for Disney!

Goodbye Oregon!

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Junie B

The kids are in love with Junie B. we are quickly reading through the series

Andrew was belly laughing so hard the other day while I read it!

He also covers his ears and leaves the room during the scary parts. He left tonight when I read the part about Junie staying late at school and missing the bus and breaking into the nurse ‘s office!

With Daddy working on building a star wars Lego kit:

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